Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Hot Tub, Blow Up Doll and a Mobility Scooter!

It sure is a weird and wonderful combination to fit onto one cake!

I’ve been down for the count this week after my dear son passed on a flu virus. I’d been planning this cake for weeks, and luckily had pre-made the ‘mobility scooter’ last weekend.

As with most of my cakes, this was a marathon effort. Well worth it though as it sure put a smile on the birthday boys face!

Happy 50th birthday Scotty!

The Ride

Thumbs Up!


Scotty with his cake


Anonymous said...

That cake is so funny! Rude but you have kept it from being tacky ha ha. He is a hottie for a 50 year old! Is he single lol?

The Cake Maker said...

I'm sure you'll make his day calling him hot! He is VERY married I'm afraid :O)

Jennie said...

Faboulus. I´m so impressed by your work. I hope I one day can be half as talented as you are (sorry for my english, I´m from sweden ;-)
I love your blog, you are my idol, have you learned everthing by your self? Your modellingwork is so wonderful, all the details.
Love Jennie

The Cake Maker said...

Thank you Jennie, that is really sweet! If you are interested in modelling you should check out Lorriane's tutorials, they are the best.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your kind words :O)

Jemima said...

That is amazing detail...! x

MAY said...

Your sugarpaste work are beautiful and creative.

Ratita Golosa said...

Pie is very funny and very well done. It's perfect! as I would like to know and make a pie.
Congratulations and I wish you spent on my humble blog.
A hug from Spain

Anonymous said...

is a super funny cake, super details, super work.

Paula said...

Love your work ~ it's all in the details :)