Sunday, April 25, 2010

Miss Kelcey

Kelcey... seriously stunning!

Jakob & Kelcey

Kelcey & Jakob (they were approx 2 years old here!)

Maclain (Kelcey's brother) Jakob & Kelcey

Today was a very special day, as we got to go and visit with Kelcey and her family. Jakob handed over the $2,160.00 he managed to raise from his post on this blog.

Kelcey is back in hospital next week for another round of treatment. She has spent the last 5 months either in hospital or in isolation at home, so being able to spend some time with her today was pretty awesome!

If you were one of the many people who donated.... Jakob & I thank you from the bottom of our hearts xxx

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lexi's 1st Birthday & Thank You!

A week ago my son Jakob began his quest to raise money for his friend Kelcey who has cancer. Your response has been fantastic and to watch the donations roll in was just amazing! Jakob and I would love to be able to contact you all personally but that just isn’t possible so please accept our sincere thanks for opening up your hearts.... and your wallets :O)

Jakob is a little disappointed that he didn’t reach his target of $5,000 but everyone keeps telling him how amazingly well he has done! He even sent an email to Ellen DeGeneres (her show is on here after school and he likes the part where she rings people who are in need of help) to ask her to send out a “tweet” to her fans to boost his fundraising efforts! I did explain to him she would get a gazillion emails and it was highly unlikely that she would actually ever get to read his email, but he wanted to try.

With all this going on last weekend I still had finish my niece’s 1st birthday cake. We had a Teddy Bear themed birthday party and enjoyed a lovely warm day out in my Brother & Sister-in-laws back yard.

I will take down the donate button next week so I can then hand over the $$$ to Kelcey & her family. There is still time to push that total a little higher!

Hope everyone had a great Easter :O)

Auckland Police Dog Section - Shave Off for Kelcey

Auckland Police Dog Section - Shave Off for Kelcey

While you are here checking out the photos why not reach across and push the donate button? :O)

Jakob needs 1000 people from around the world to donate $5 each to get to his target. That's about $4us or $4au or about 2 pounds to my UK friends.

Small donations CAN do BIG things!