Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby Shoe Template

Want to be able to make these gorgeous ‘Mary Jane’ baby shoes??? My fabulous friend Jo Ranson in the UK is selling the template with all proceeds going towards buying little Kelcey a birthday present!! Kelcey will be 10yrs old on Sept 21st so this will be available for the next couple of weeks.

For the price of a decent coffee.... you will be emailed full instructions as well as your own template!

Even if you are not a ‘cake maker’ maybe you could head over to Jo’s blog and donate the £2.50 ($5nz) ($3.50us) ($3.90au) so we can send her something nice for her big day!

If you would also like to send her a birthday card from your corner of the world, post to:

Card for Kelcey
C/o Kathryn Harris
PO Box 2384
Auckland 1140
New Zealand

(Let her know what country you are from)

And I will pass it onto her. Let’s show her she has a HUGE support network thinking about her all over the globe!

Thank you!!

Click Here to order your TEMPLATE or to Donate


faithy said...

I've posted your link on my blog and copied some of your 'wordings'. :D Thanks! Hope Kelcey has an unforgettable birthday! :D

The Cake Maker said...

Thank you :O)

Simply the icing on the cake ~ by Jo said...

WOW! 25 ordered to date!
I can hardly wait to start shopping for precents!
Thanks to everyone so far .... keep the orders coming!!

The Cake Maker said...

Way to go Jo! You're a rockstar x

Simply the icing on the cake ~ by Jo said...

UPDATE!.... 71 SOLD! wow! ...keep requests coming! Thanks!

trixie68 said...

You're both rockstars!!!! Thanks heaps, Tracey xxxx

NiamhG said...

Hi there,
I posted this on a forum I follow as well as ordering the template for myself. Hope Kelcey has a great birthday.

~ t a m m y ~ said...

Just ordered the template....I'm looking forward to receving it. However I did via do I go about giving u my address?

The Cake Maker said...

Hi Tammy, if you haven't got it by now email me and i will forward your email to Jo who is organising this.

Thanks so much everyone :O)

Miranda@ The Spotted Cake said...

I just loved reading your story in your side bar. My dad became sick this year and ended up in the ICU and we had people just like you step up and offer to help in such amazing ways. With that being said she's so lucky to have you (and everyone else) who helped raise all that money.

Also, your cakes are absolutely amazing and each one is so very cool. If she's still selling this template I'm going to head over this week to order it :) Thank you for sharing the info!