Thursday, May 28, 2009

Roses & Dots


tracy said...

oh my god you have the most amazing blog, you sure have a very gifted talent, I will be visiting lots,I love what you did to raise money for your friend very worthwhile cause and it still carries this is amazing i take my hat off to you!!!
I have just started cake decorating and I love it though I am not as good as you I suppose it comes with practise, I have got really cross with my sugarpaste this week I can tell you!
Anyway sorry to waffle would it be possible to share some tutorials or answer any questions like how did you get the amazing sheen on the pink ladies dress.
a very wowed tracy x

Piamarianne said...

So beautiful and perfectly done! :-)

The Cake Maker said...

Thanks Piamarianne :)

Tracy the sheen is edible lustre dust brushed onto the fondant.

Anonymous said...

Are the roses on the cupcakes made out of fondant? Are they rolled and flattened into a thick ribbon-like strip and twisted into the rose? They are adorable and different than the "normal" rose!

The Cake Maker said...

Yes the roses are hand rolled made of fondant.