Friday, May 29, 2009

Hello Kitty

It's my 'little' girls birthday next week. Tomorrow we are having a family get-together so we will celebrate and eat cake!

She asked for Hello Kitty, bright green & pink.

The photo above was taken about 13 years ago.... she will be turning 15 on 2nd June *sob* ... my baby girl is all grown up.

Happy birthday Mikayla xxx


Unknown said...

i asked and i recieved (:

this is the best cake you've done so far !

warming up for my 16th because i'm getting so old ae mum xD

all my friends are waiting to see the photo of this cake i have been going on about AAAALLLLL week (:

thanks for my cake mum !
it is AMAZINGlooooove mikayla
your "little" girl
so not even funny :D

x x x

Dajana said...

It's really gorgeous.
My 5-year-old daughter would be in heaven if she got one like that.
Happy birthday, Mikayla

tracy said...

beautiful cake and stunning little girl I don't know where the time goes!
have a great day
tracy x

Piamarianne said...

What an absolutely adoring cake for an absolutely adoring girl.
Happy B-day Mikayla :-)

Unknown said...

Tantissimi auguri ,complimenti per la torta e per la piccola ,un vero capolavoro!

Unknown said...

Very nice!

The Cake Maker said...

Thanks for the lovely comments :)

Zilla said...

wow, your cake looks so nice...

susana costa said...

wow, your cake is beautiful my daugther is 10 and she liked very much.

Cakes and more by Izzy said...

how nice, very impressive! well done.

mayheart04 said...

she's beautiful and i love her hair!
great cake Kathryn... Im one of your fans in flickr....

Have a great day!

Take Care!!! ^,^

odette said...

Wow..just stumbled onto ur blog & I love it! Beautiful cakes and your daughter is adorable in that pic. My baby girl just turned 11 and I cant believe how fast the time has passed.