Friday, May 8, 2009

Daisy Cupcakes

These were ordered by my Mum and have now been delivered to the District Nurses who used to visit my Dad on a daily basis over the past three years.

District Nurses do the work that none of us could or would ever dream of doing. The care and compassion shown to my Dad was amazing. I am so thankful that there are individuals out there who respond to this type of calling in life.... they are truly special and remarkable people.


cdgleason said...

I am so inspired by your beautiful photos!
i love the one of all of your baked goodies, but the photos of you and your family are especially nice!
xx Cindy~~

cickan-piece of cake said...

Beautiful cupcakes! I'm sure the nurse loved them! :-)
How do you make the center of the flowers? It looks so real!


The Cake Maker said...

Thanks Cindy xx

Cickan, you can push your paste against some tulle or netting.

tree hugger said...

Hello. I was looking for images of daisy cupcakes online and landed on your site. I fell in love with these the moment I saw them! So cute!!!!! My fiance' and I are getting married next spring and are going to a bakery to check out cake tasting and such tomorrow afternoon. I was wondering if it would be ok with you if I took a copy of this picture to the bakery to give them an idea of what we want.? I saw that you had put on your site that all images are copyrighted so I wanted to ask you first. Is that ok? Thank you for the inspiration:).


The Cake Maker said...

Hi tree hugger... no problems, I only have issues when people take the photos and claim them as their own.

Wishing you a great wedding day :)

Unknown said...

Very Beautiful!