Monday, August 18, 2008

VW Car Cake

Just got back from a week in Sydney. While there I attended the Novelty Masters Course at Planet Cake. Planet Cake car cakes are a minimum of $1,000au.... I now know why!!!!

It was so incredibly technical as this had to be to scale of the real thing. I learnt heaps... especially NEVER to take a car order LOL

Great bunch on the course too, look forward to staying in touch with them :O)

Chocolate mud cake, with chocolate ganache covered in fondant. All edible.




PinkCakeBox said...

I completely agree! Car cakes are very time consuming...this was turned out great though. Fabulous work!

Sarah-Jane said...


I wish I had time to do the Masters course!

You have done such a magnificent job!

GV said...

oh my this is definitely the best car cake i've ever come across! i have just found your blog and you are blessed with an amazing talent! i intend on making a car cake for a relative this year (wish me luck!) please could you let me know how you managed to get that amazing glossy sheen on your fondant?

The Cake Maker said...

Hi GV, we 'painted' it with a product that they have at Planet Cake. It is called a Flan Gel... the stuff they brush over fruit flans etc. You could also use Confectioners glaze. You only need a thin coat, mine was a little thick I think.


Anonymous said...

I really admire your attention to detail on all your cakes - good job!