Saturday, June 21, 2008

Herceptin Fundraiser

Sarvs needs to raise nearly $100,000 for her cancer treatment.

Please check out her blog, forward the blog to your friends and give if you can :O)


Sarvs Falefitu said...

Absolutely scrumptious and we couldn't get enough of these cupcakes. My fundraiser was a success and I want to thank the CakeMaker for gifting her time and scrumptious cupcakes up for my fight against breast cancer.


Much love

The Cake Maker said...

You are most welcome Sarvs!

Anonymous said...

I know how difficult the medical expenses are. We have and still are going through this with my daughter. She has had that same type of breast cancer 5 years ago, then spots on a rib, this past 6 months it has been spots on her brain and now her pelvis and two large tumors in her leg. She has had radiation treatments recently that has worked very well. She is still very optomistic and continues the fight.

I hope your friend is doing well. God bless her and you for helping.

The Cake Maker said...

Thanks tootie, best wishes to your daughter and all your family... you will all be in my prayers xx