Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rugby 21st Cake


Valeria said...

Your cakes are beautiful. Where are you located ? How much are the cakes ?

Do you teach ? or have books ?

Pls let me know.

The Cake Maker said...

Hi Valeria

thanks for the nice comment! I am in Auckland, New Zealand.

I don't do this as a business... just for fun :O)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cake Maker

Was just looking for 21st cake ideas, and saw this your blog and it really touched me.
I just wanted to compliment you not only on you wonderful cake making skills but what you have done for your friend she is so lucky to have you and vice versa, its people like you that make this world go round. I hope treatment is underway and everything is well

Anyways back to cake hunting
Sam-your fellow Aucklander

The Cake Maker said...

Thanks Sam

Maara has finsihed her final treatment this week! Thanks for stopping by :O)