Saturday, June 30, 2007

Turntable Cake

One of my stranger requests.... made as a leaving gift. I was asked to put the recipient of this cake in his school uniform (Auckland Boys Grammer) and the other two are his direct reports.


DJ Dimepiece said...

Hey Cake Maker! OMG, Your cakes are awesome! I was googling "Turntable Birthday Cakes" and your Blog Page came up! I am currently looking for someone to make me a "Turntable Birthday Cake" I'm a DJ based out of Cincinnati, OH and plan to have a birthday party on July 11th. I would love to have you design my cake! Please reach out to me soon.

Best regards,

-DJ Dimepiece
"The Mixin' Vixen"

The Cake Maker said...

Hey there DJ

I'm in New Zealand... a little bit too far away I think LOL

Hope you have a great birthday though!